Abstracts                                      Landscapes                                    Florals

My bold colourful florals capture the beauty that we find in nature. Some are more realistic than others, but hopefully their vibrancy generates the intended feeling of joy. They have been created using oils, acrylics or liquid acrylics.
My abstracts are created using oils, acrylics, and inks. I work from my imagination to produce abstract work that is bold in colour, line and composition. Each aspect speaks to what I am feeling and how the painting wants to come into the world. Each is a birth of some sort. Their titles are also intuitive-as they are created, they are named. I love seeing them leave the nest and make other people happy!
The inspiration for my landscapes is often taken from my many travel destinations. The  natural world is vast and beautiful  which is why I love to paint lakes, trees, and ponds. The artwork is colourful and often textured with wax and different mediums. I use oils, acrylics, liquid acrylics and inks for my creations.